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Rapid Dog
R1100S Barbacks

Specifically designed for the 1999-2005 BMW R1100S.

We are not a business, just one rider making these parts for other riders.

Available by custom order only.

Updater: January 27, 2023

Well, I've had promises made and broken, waited patiently for my shop that moved from SoCal to Texas and they cannot get their act together.

It's a shame too as I've had many of you inquire about the barbacks, and I am sorry.
At this point I've just about thrown in the towel.
Quotes from shops now are 4 times what I use to pay to get sets made. Doesn't make sense to me or S-riders who want them in the end.
(Yes there are knock-offs (last time I looked) possibly available in the UK, and the occasional stray used set that comes up here in the FM.)

That said, if there's anyone out there that has the CNC and ability to make sets at a reasonable cost, I'd like to hear from you. Just email me so we can chat.



rexs road.jpg


By Custom Order Only...

RD Barbacks are available by Custom Order Only, requiring at least three pre-paid rider orders to start a run.

E-mail me to get on the list.

When I have the three or more you'll be notified for payment.

Delivery from the date the order is sent to the machine shop is normally 3-6 weeks depending on the shops workload.

(See Updater above!)

  $250 per set Shipped! 

Price includes US Postal Priority shipping within the USA.

  Shipping Worldwide!  

International shipping add $50.

RD Barbacks have been sold and used by R1100S riders in more than 20 counties!

(Popular enough to be pirated by a certain UK dirtbag machine shop!)

  We are not a business, just one rider making these parts for other riders. 

PayPal accepted only

or (Personal Check by arrangement)...

I require each person to read and agree to a Release of Liability via e-mail to me directly when ordering.

Read and Agree:

The purchaser (you) agrees that the maker (me) of this item does not take responsibility for damage, accident or physical injury of the purchaser or purchasers vehicle, and/or other person(s) or persons' vehicle(s), and/or properties due to the use of and/or installation of this or any other item made by the maker. Furthermore, satisfaction with this item is not guaranteed. This is strictly a use-at-your-own-risk prototype part, manufactured and in agreement between purchaser and provider.

Warning: These parts are not approved, sanctioned, designed, nor otherwise suggested to be used for competition racing or racetrack testing, nor are they tested, certified, or otherwise approved for street use by the maker, BMW Motorrad, or any other company, or official body.

In other words, don't you or yours come and try and squeeze blood out of a rock...cuz I got next to nothin' anyhow...

Please acknowledge you've read and agree with the above statement by e-mailing me here. (see bottom of this page).


"Thanks for your support.  And as you already know, your barbacks for the R1100S are the very best.  They are a true work of art, beautiful finish, perfect fit, and highly functional."

Jeff Thurmond

Motorcycle Motorcycle Repair & Rendezvous

Midvale, UT

"I got the barbacks and put them on yesterday. They are incredible!! They feel great and look even better!! You are a true craftsman!! They are the best purchase that I have made for the "S". Thanks to you for a great product and great service."

Jarret S.
Patterson, NY

"They has improved the ride of my bike soo much. These barbacks made me love my bike. If you've got the low bars try the barbacksI have had wrist surgery and the low bars limited my riding time. Now with the more upright position there is less weight on the wrist. I also enjoy the heads up riding for safety reasons. My wife says that she likes them as well. They limit her sliding on the rear seat on quick stops..
Thanks for the great product.."

Claude A.
Calhoun, GA

rexs road.jpg
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